How to Buy from ScanSource, Inc.

Are you a Reseller with a current Resale Certificate that would like to purchase through ScanSource?
We help value-added resellers grow their businesses. If you are looking to buy products through ScanSource for resale, simply complete our Become A Reseller form.

Become a Reseller

If you are a technology user and need help finding a reseller to purchase from, let us connect you with one of our many qualified reseller partners.
It’s easy. Simply complete our Find A Reseller form, tell us what you need, and we will have a qualified reseller contact you shortly.

Find a Reseller

Do you want to use our FREE online directory to look at the many reseller options available in your specific vertical market, technology, or geography?
You can use to look at the many reseller options available in your specific vertical market, technology, or geography. There you will find thousands of pre-qualified providers to meet your specific needs.

Are you a Hardware Manufacturer that would like to partner with ScanSource for distribution?
ScanSource has a limited line card by design, and we represent only the key manufacturers in our specific technologies. Our approach to potential manufacturer partners is multi-faceted with input from sales, merchandising, technical support and finance departments. We use a standard set of criteria that allows us to evaluate if a contractual relationship with a new manufacturer will be a benefit to our reseller customers. If you would like to learn more, simply complete our Become A Partner form.

Become a Vendor

Are you a ScanSource customer?
If you are an active reseller customer of ScanSource and would like to order products through our online catalog, please have your Customer Number ready and click on the Customer Login Button. If you have a general question, please fill out the Got Questions? form.

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Do you still have questions about how ScanSource can best work with your business?
Let us help. Simply complete the Got Questions? form, and we will route your question to the ScanSource team member that is best suited to answer your questions.

Got Questions?

If you have already spoken with a ScanSource Representative and need to complete a Customer Application or a Renewal Application, please click Apply Online.