What is the Falsified Medicine Directive?

More than 400,000 pharmacies in Europe will be impacted by European Directive 2011/62/EU, ratified by the European Parliament in 2016 and effective in February 2019. The intent of this measure is to prevent the introduction of illegal medicine into the legal supply chain. This means pharmaceutical industry players must consolidate their medicine traceability practices to fight a rise in medicine counterfeiting.

The new Directive 2011/62/EU introduces safety features – such as a unique identifier and an anti-tampering device on the outer packaging of medicines – that will require pharmacies to adapt their process to check the compliance of any medicines they sell. Compliance with FMD regulation will enable pharmacies to improve their stock management procedures and prevent falsified medicines from entering the supply chain.

Every pharmacy within the EU will need to be equipped with a barcode scanning solution by February 2019. Zebra scanning technology helps pharmacies to achieve compliance by enabling them to scan, record manage and verify all medications they hold on stock and dispense to patients.

Zebra Barcode Scanning Solutions for Pharmacies

Over 35 years of industry leading innovation and Best in Class Product Portfolio
  • General Purpose Handheld Scanners
  • Healthcare Scanners
  • Hands-Free, Fixed Mount and On-Counter Scanners
  • Rugged & Ultra-Rugged Scanners
  • Multi-Plane Scanners
  • Companion Scanners
Pharmacy Application Areas & Benefits
  • Compliance with FMD
  • Goods In / Receiving accuracy
  • Improved pharmacy management and dispensing accuracy
  • Accurate prescription verification
  • Decommissioning expired or damaged stock
  • Reverse decommissioning of uncollected medication
  • Quickly and easily track medications to the unit-dose level
Product Focus for Hospital Pharmacies
  • Zebra DS8100-HC Series Handheld Scanner
  • Zebra DS4308-HC Scanner
Product Focus for Retail Pharmacies
  • DS2200 Series General Purpose Scanner
  • DS8100 Series General Purpose Scanner
  • DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Scanner

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