Honeywell 4850dr Document Reader

Price Range: € 658,44 - € 818,96

Looking to streamline recordkeeping? The 4850dr is a fully-featured document imager designed to digitize paper documents for simple and efficient paperless processing, storage and retrieval. Unlike traditional document scanners, the 4850dr has no moving parts, requires no regular maintenance, scans barcodes, and comes with a superior three-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Purpose Built for Documents Imaging;
  • Durable and Reliable, incorporating solid-state components with no moving parts;

What is in the box?
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3 years

  • SS Item #
    Document Reader Scanner 4850dr USB KIT (5MG, Laser Aimer, with Stand, Black) € 818,96 Details
    SS Item #
    Document Reader Scanner 4850dr (5MG, USB, Laser Aimer, Black) € 658,44 Details