Zebra Industrial Portfolio of Solutions

In an ever-changing world, the Industrial market is becoming more and more competitive. Today’s customers are experiencing big challenges which they need to overcome: increasing risks, poor visibility, slow productivity, high costs, data overload, … resulting in profitability coming under pressure.

With this in mind, you can count on ScanSource and Zebra to help you and your customers to overcome these challenges. Offering powerful solutions to customers in multiple verticals, Zebra has enhanced their product portfolio with innovative new products and technologies. Adding to that, ScanSource is offering a wide range of added values, services and solutions to provide you and your customers a profitable and sustainable business.

By working together we can convert challenges into real business opportunities. Zebra’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions offers the hardware, software and services you need to build smart solutions for your customers. Offer your customers the solutions they need today, but do also answer their needs of tomorrow: traceability, process management, operations efficiency, real-time visibility, ….

These solutions provide a foundation to make profitable, sustainable business improvements by connecting people, processes and equipment for the different verticals within the Industrial market:

  • Manufacturing:
    • Quality & Traceability: error-proof process and workflow management
    • Enterprise Asset Management: real-time knowledge on every asset
    • Plant Communications: connecting employees and key processes
  • Transport & Logistics
    • Pickup and Delivery: streamlining processes and cutting costs
    • Fleet Management: visibility and optimization of the assets
    • Warehouse Management: increasing warehouse productivity
  • Warehousing
    • Hands-free Picking: improve productivity with hands-free operations
    • Inventory Control: get more accurate and error-free cycle counts
    • Receiving and Shipping: reduce errors and increase accuracy