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  • 1908-Extreme_Partner_Program

    Extreme Partner Program

    ScanSource Europe
    Extreme Partner Program The Extreme Partner Program offers partners new programs, initiatives and incentives that reward performance, allow for greater differentiation, and increased predictability so that partners can expand their Extreme businesses in software, services and solutions. As a rese...read more
  • extreme-deal-register

    Deal Registration

    ScanSource Europe
    The Extreme Deal Registration (DR) Program is specifically designed to protect and reward partners for their efforts in selling Extreme Products & Solutions to new customers or unveil new opportunities with existing customers Eligibility: All Authorized, Gold and Diamond partners $5K list pr...read more
  • extreme-nfr

    Not for Resale

    ScanSource Europe
    Extreme Networks believes in empowering our partners to easily and effectively demonstrate our unique technologies and solutions. Conducting a comprehensive demonstration early in the sales process reinforces the joint commitment of Extreme Networks and our partners to providing clients and prospec...read more
  • 0307-Extreme--Feature_Image

    Extreme Capital Leasing

    ScanSource Europe
    The Effortless Network Deserves Effortless Acquisition Extreme Capital Benefits Aligns IT network infrastructure capacity and project cost with network demand and benefits Complete flexibility for IT upgrades for total obsolescence protection Eliminates the risk of adopting new tec...read more
  • 0307-Extreme-now2go-Feature_Image

    Extreme now2go

    ScanSource Europe
    Extreme Now2Go The Extreme NOW world tour in 2018 was a massive success for Extreme Networks. While many of our partners participated as attendees at the events themselves, we’ve created a program for partners to replicate the events and, most importantly, replicate the success at no cost! ...read more