Date: Friday, July 24, 2020
As businesses are being told a multitude of things in terms of guidance around planning for return to the workplace, it is becoming more evident that businesses are embracing the way of the remote work force. They are seeing the benefits of better-engaged employees, good productivity, Better use of technology, plus lower costs etc.

One thing that is not clear for them is how their existing network and technologies will cope or scale in terms of supporting the remote workforce. Right now, many businesses are still using VPNs to tunnel into their own-hosted business applications, often in a server room at the back of the office. So, putting the office internet connection under severe strain. They are also worried about how the network edge which has moved to being their remote workers devices wherever they are located, being able to manage this new ‘organic’ redesign of their wide area network.

What we are seeing, is that customers are confused about what and who is available to help design their new communications technology roadmap and this is where we and our partners can certainly help.

Over the next couple of months, we will be running a series of webinars aimed at educating customers about the network and cloud communications suppliers from our eco-system. But more importantly helping them understand what technologies that they can learn about as the star to think about how their network and their communications strategy will take them into the new way of working. The webinars are there for you to send to your customer to invite them to join and to help you unearth new selling opportunities with our suppliers. Please look out for the email and invite as many of your customers as you would like to your chosen webinar.

Our Suppliers are permanently here to help you with your customer conversations and never more so than during this time of change and uncertainty. Only this week, I heard from one of our Suppliers, Masergy who will even take the customers home broadband into their network and provide access to their SD-WAN for the business network, plus adding access to 250+ of the world leading cloud communities such as MSFT, Salesforce and others. Even reporting latency times of sub 1 millisecond on their backbone, making the edges less blurred.