Date: Monday, June 22, 2020
The hardest aspect of starting and growing a business in these GDPR times is engaging with new customers. For many reasons, it’s hard to get a new prospect to have a conversation with you. Therefore, when we do, it is important to look at how we can build value into that relationship and not to make it a single transaction engagement.

We often suggest that when you do engage a Supplier with the prospect, that you stay involved from scoping to closing. In other words, where you can, do not just give the prospect to the Supplier to deal with on their own. Of course, you are able to do this and you will still benefit from the commission reward if the deal closes, but there are additional reasons with benefits for why we suggest you do more.

Example: Let’s imagine you introduce a UCaaS Supplier to the prospect and you are not party to the calls or meetings. Then you may not hear the UCaaS Supplier ask about the connectivity arrangements that the prospect has at the various locations that they are planning to deploy UCaaS at. You will miss the opportunity should these arrangements be insufficient, and miss out offering proposals for upgrade or replacement. In addition, when the prospect becomes a customer, if you leave the support and billing relationship entirely to your customer and their new supplier (which of course is the supplier’s obligations as your customer’s service provider) then again, you are missing potentially invaluable customer contact opportunity as a result.

Imagine during the initial sale engagement process, the customer says that there is sufficient connectivity for the UCaaS Service, and then you hear later that customer is regularly raising support tickets due to latency issues. If however, you had managed to insert your service into the support process (if only to chase the support tickets for your customer), then you would have been able to ask them if anything had changed in their connectivity usage i.e. are there more demands on their bandwidth than previous? If the answer is yes, i.e. they had deployed additional applications in the clouds, then there would have been your opportunity to propose a network upgrade project.

Because we understand the immense value leading to future opportunity that can be built into customer relationships through regular engagement, we are launching in the next few weeks a new programme with one of our UCaaS Suppliers, RingCentral called ‘Ignite’ . The programme will enable Partners who want to take on aspects of the customer relationship to become certified to provide professional services and customer support. As before the obligation and contractual responsibility to provide service and billing to your customer will be with RingCentral, but this programme will enable you the Partner to formally insert your services into that relationship early on and to continue to be part of the process throughout the lifetime of the customer. As pair of the Ignite programme, you can become certified to provide professional services and to act as the first line support. Therefore, you get to learn early on about other projects that may exist as a result.

Look out for details about RingCentral and Ignite in your inbox soon. In the meantime, if you want to learn more, please do get in touch.

100% here to support you and happy selling.