Introduction to the Sound Control RemoteCam4 and RC-SDA

Location: Remote Campus
Dates/Times: ON DEMAND (15 minutes + 3-5 minute Certification Quiz)
Registration Fee: FOC

Name of Course: Introduction to the Sound Control RemoteCam4 and RC-SDA

Venue: Remote Campus

Audience: Sales/Design Engineers

Course Duration: 15 minutes + 3-5 minute Certification Quiz

Course Pre-Requisites: none

Course Synopsis:

This course has been created for salespeople and design engineers who are new or need an update on SCT solutions. This particular course covers the RemoteCam4 and RC-SDA (Serial Distribution Amplifier).  


During this session, you’ll receive an in-depth overview of how the unique Sound Control solutions are used in projects and the problems they will help you conquer. We'll also take a deep-dive into features & functionality and how the modules connect within the system to create a transparent link between the camera and codec, all while extending signals over a single CAT cable.


After watching the video, we’ll be putting your knowledge to the test with a short certification quiz at:


Suggested follow on Training suggestions (if applicable):

  • RemoteCam5
  • RemoteCam6 (Cisco SpeakerTrack)
  • RemoteCam7 (Poly Director II)
  • RemoteCam8 (Cisco Quad Camera)
  • Remote Table Kit (Cisco)