ScanSource Demo Centre

As a customer of ScanSource you have access to use any of our three demo centres in Europe, in Hull, Egham or Cologne. And if you cannot physically get to those locations, remote access is available to you with all the same benefits.

Our demo centres feature full communications solutions – starting with the physical infrastructure in the form of cupboards and climate solutions, networking components such as switches, routers and VoIP systems, to the devices at the end of those networks such as telephones, headsets, workstations and video conferencing units.

The demo centre solutions are fully functional and allow for all of the configuration and administration possibilities that are available within a ‘real’ convergent network. Up-to-date versions of complimentary products from all manufacturers within the ScanSource portfolio are regularly introduced.

Our demo centres are suitable for use by customers of any level of expertise, whether you’re new to the communications sphere and wish to see how various solutions operate, or you’re working on your own configurations and need a place to run tests. In addition, you can use our demo facilities to exhibit solutions to your own customers.