Scalable Videoconferencing Platforms and Conferencing Bridges

Cut down on travel expenses without sacrificing meeting quality and collaboration effectiveness. Get the scalability, durability and reliability businesses need with our inventory of platforms and bridges. Stimulate the decision-making process while maximizing ROI and multiparty conferencing abilities.

ScanSource, Inc. offers support for building custom video teleconferencing systems that put the power of real-as-life long distance conferencing in your customers’ hands. Our experts are trained in the latest videoconferencing technology, including immersive systems, to ensure that you are selling your customers the most recent technology available. Our post-sales support ensures you can provide your customers with the knowledge to integrate products using the most advanced conferencing system design practices.

Platforms for Custom Video Collaboration

Find easy-to-use customizable interfaces for business video collaboration activities. Use immersive conferencing platforms to monitor video collaboration from a centralized location.

For larger businesses and meetings, videoconference bridges can be used to combine multiple videos into a single interactive feed to minimize communication barriers and increase productivity.

Flexible resource optimization and higher quality user experiences come together for unmatched visual collaboration.

Additional platform and bridge benefits include:

  • Hundreds of desktop video deployments
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Ability to deliver more than 1,000 audio calls
  • Multi-network support
  • Flexible and fixed performance capacities