ScanSource X-Stock (Rebox) Products

X-Stock* (Rebox) products are new, physically undamaged and complete products with full factory warranty. They arrived at our warehouse in a damaged carton, and therefore do not meet ScanSource’s quality standards to be sold as new. They have been repackaged in a generic carton and discounted.

Check with your ScanSource Account Manager what´s available!

* ScanSource part numbers ending with RB signifies a X-Stock (Rebox) product. For example, if the standard ScanSource part number for an item is 123456, then a part number of 123456 RB would indicate a Rebox unit of that same item.

Special Terms and Conditions

Because X-Stock (Rebox) and B-Stock products have been discounted, special terms and conditions apply. Standard DOA return policies apply to these products; ScanSource will make every effort to provide a replacement unit of a similarly discounted product, if available.

* Manufacturer's authorization restrictions may apply.