Ethernet and Wireless Switches for Routing Solutions

Drive increased uplink capability and network efficiency. Our network switches enable businesses to get the customization and the sub-microsecond latency usage they need to increase productivity. Ethernet and wireless switches offer high redundancy, flexible capacity and resilience.

ScanSource, Inc.’s dedicated support team educates resellers on recent switch products and network technologies. Resellers have access to industry-leading switches that boost virtual environments and raise enterprise systems to the latest level of technology.

Feature-Rich Network Switches

Our network switches improve ethernet connectivity and utilize non-blocking architecture to quicken data throughput. Efficient hardware design eliminates the need for power cords and overly expensive installations. Other network switch benefits include:

  • Advanced stacking capabilities
  • Support for cohesive network services 
  • VLAN (virtual local area network) LAN segmentation
  • Copper or fiber cable connectivity options

We are committed to providing industry-leading products and services to resellers looking for unmatched results. 

Choose from our large selection of ethernet and wireless switches from leading manufacturers.