Link to Networks with Interface Controllers

Separate public and private networks with hotspots that capture and authenticate guest logins. Control wireless communication systems and gain remote visibility with browser-based control panels. ScanSource, Inc. offers the affordability, network reliability and versatility businesses need to grow. 

Our thoughtfully selected inventory supplies resellers with adaptable and smart WLAN (wireless local area network) interface controllers that your customers demand. Our centralized distribution model ensures that the networking products you need are always in stock and on time.

Feature-Rich Adapters and Controllers   


Our versatile network interface controllers are ideal for small, medium and large enterprises as well as multi-site deployments.  

Ensure network continuity during WAN failures to drive higher productivity and network dependability. Increase network mobility with decreased infrastructure.  Better manage access points and devices, strengthen WLAN security protocols and decrease ecological footprints.  Additional network adapter benefits include:

  • Centralized deployments
  • Self-healing and self-optimizing systems that avoid RF interference
  • Role-based filtering, channel scanning and (RTLS) real-time locationing services
  • Hot-swappable redundant power supplies

ScanSource, Inc.’s experts hand pick and approve products manufactured by trusted companies.