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  • pexip_overwhelmed_333x333

    Making it easier to join any meeting

    ScanSource Europe
    We’ve all been there before. You scramble to find an open conference room, plop down your laptop and open a calendar invitation, only to realize a long string of characters stands between you and your meeting. The clock ticks as you frantically type -- and retype -- letters. Unfortunately, th...read more
  • pexip_room_connector_bundle_333x333

    One-Touch Join

    ScanSource Europe
    One-Touch Join Simplify your meeting room experience. Create a single, seamless joining workflow for any professional video meeting. Focus on your meetings, not on how to join them. Many organizations now deploy multiple technologies for video communications. So when users are scheduling meeting...read more
  • pexip_struggling_wfh_setup_333x333

    Struggling with your working from home set up

    ScanSource Europe
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing for video. Companies such as Pexip and Sony are harnessing AI-enabled video platforms to make presentations and videoconferences easier to execute and better to watch. Here is what both companies have come up with in this area, plus insights into...read more