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The retail industry is in a state of constant transformation and there is an increasing urgency to reduce costs and increase efficiency in operations. As customers become more demanding, there is also extra pressure to exceed their expectations with regards to the quality of the product, service and overall experience.

It means that retailers must continually innovate if they are to thrive and survive. If you have customers in the retail space, you’ll be familiar with a certain amount of hype that surrounds industry buzzwords like omnichannel, channel agnostic and connected customer journey. Simply put, these all boil down to one thing, customer experience. Regardless of how a retailer trades “the customer is king” is as prevalent today as it was 20, 30 or 50 years ago. The piece that’s fundamentally changed is the customer’s expectations.

During this quarter, we will be having a series of communications focused on Retail & POS, to make sure you can provide the best solutions for your customers.

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Datalogic is the lead provider of cutting-edge technology designed for the Retail industry worldwide.

Our products enable to maximize the retailer’s productivity and efficiency, enhancing at the same time the shopper’s experience in the store.

The challenge we have undertaken is to make shopping easy, boost the customer experience, while increasing the value and throughput of the enterprise in all the activities that make up a highly complex business, where a variety of players are involved in the process: from production to inventory to the retail floor.

Tasks such as receiving, stocking, inventory lookup and replenishing, get done effectively and efficiently thanks to devices that are built to keep each operation accurate and truthful, but intuitive and easy to handle for workers.

Datalogic portfolio includes: RFID Applications, Shelf Management, Assisted Sales, Grocery and Non-Grocery Solutions, Automated Scanning, Loss Preventions and much more.

Retail Industry Guide

Retail Guide Fix Scanners

Why choose wireless charging for retail


 0107-datalogic_1-gyphon-4500  0107-datalogic_1-magellan-9800i  0107-datalogic_magellan-1500i  0107-datalogic_memor-20

Gyphon 4500

Magellan 9800i

Magellan 1500i

Memor 20

Represents the premium range of hand held imagers for retail applications

Imaging Scanner has a low bonnet height and reads 1D, 2D and Digimarc Barcodes

Provides outstanding performance on 1D and 2D barcodes.

Full-touch PDA is the best companion to face the toughest Retail challenges


Reinvent Your Retail Experience

Elo delivers the one of the widest selections of interactive solutions for retail. From POS to POI and self-service, let Elo help you captivate your audience with commercial-grade touchscreens from 10 to 70 inches. Whether you want a wall-mount, shelf-mount, pole mount or fully-integrated kiosk, Elo has a solution to create brilliant, engaging experiences designed to fit your store.

The Retail Dilemma – Windows or Android

 0107-elo_q3_elopos  0107-elo_q3_wallaby-self-service-stands


Wallaby – Self-service stands

Modern, Modular, Made for Retails

Interactive experiences in high-traffic retail environment


Honeywell has the perfect fit for Retailers!

Meet the transgressor EDA61K – latest addition to the ScanPal family

Rugged – extra drop protection

Sleek Ergonomic Design - ease handling and minimizes fatigue

Side Scan Keys - programmable keys simplify scanning

Improved Keypads - viewable anywhere by backlight

Integrated Scan Handle - secure fit, but easily removed


Honeywell newest retail solution; the EDA61K. Is the lastest addition to the ScanPal family; a product that combines the Honeywell quality / price ratio that best fits small and medium businesses.

Built on Android, keyed, lightweight, ergonomically balanced design that minimizes user fatigue; features that will allow your business to deal with peak demands; improve inventory management and the reduce of training for workforce rotation.

Available with both 34-key numeric and 47-key alpha-numeric keypad options, and a choice of scan engines that read from a few centimeters to up to 15 meters (49.2 feet). And a rugged package that survives repeated 1.5-meter (4.9 ft) drops to concrete.

The EDA61K is available in configurations suitable for most applications.

And a full accessory offer to meet your specific needs!

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Check out the whole ScanPal family and all it can offers you here.


Zebra Retail Solutions: There are many avenues where technology can provide support to the Retail industry

Retail In-Store:

In order for the brick and mortar retail store to be relevant in today's connected, on-demand economy, retailers need to invest in retail technology solutions to support their associates in the evolving role of the store.

Personal Shopping (Mobile Self-Scanning)

Zebra's PSS solutions (MC17/MC18) are proven to increase revenue, reduce costs and provide customers with a better service as well as providing retailers with an important solution to compete against online sales, reduce queues and enable easy payment.

Retail RFID and Inventory Management

Zebra's retail RFID solutions enable retailers to track inventory, replenish shelves, reduce theft, increase sales and improve overall store operations.

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