Help your customers take care of their teams

Keeping your customers' teams and community healthy is more important, and more difficult, than ever.

At ScanSource our vendor partners can offer a wide range of Social Distancing solutions : 

- APG :
> Reduce the spread of germs at the POS with APG's Retail POS Guardiant™  Find out more
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Datalogic :
>2020 pandemic outbreak calls for extremely safe and efficient working environments Find out more

- ENS : Designed to provide a quick and easy way to disinfect delices, the ENS UV-Clean Standalone can set up a strong line of defense against the spread of infectious microorganisms.
> Find out more (datasheet)
> Find out more (summary of safety and facts)
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- Elo is offering touchscreen solutions for a variety of access applications, including employee access, guest and patient check-in and triage for enterprises implementing new and enhanced safety measures. Streamline your office security administration and increase human safety with our modular platforms that can enable a variety of capabilities from facial recognition to health screening.
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- Ergonomic Solutions
have developed 3 products to help safeguard customers in a variety of retail environments : 
> Hand sanitiser solution : find out more
> Payment paddle : find out more
> SafeGuard® Screen : find out more
> Spacepole moving the payment device : find out more 
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> Antimicrobial powder coating: find out more

- Mobilis have been an expert in the textile industry for the past 27 years, they have gathered all their network, their subcontractors and their know-how to provide you with a professional protection solution. This solution complies with test protocol described in the DGA (French Government Defence procurement and technology agency) document from 25 March 2020 : UNS-1 certification face mask (individual mask for professional workers in contact with the public) to ensure safety for your employees and their families.
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Mobilis have also developed anti-splash Face Shields, that comply with 2001/95EC Directive. They are made of 0.5mm crystal transparent PET material to ensure total vision comfort and to prevent droplets splashing on the face. The face shields are available in 2 versions : 
> Anti-projection folding face shield (888006) : find out more
> Anti-project face shield (888005) : find out more
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- Honeywell have put together a series of guides for the different work environments that will require new and specific social distancing measures:
> Retail communications at a distance : click here
> How retailers are shifting to 'Click & Collect' with curbside option : click here
> How Drive-Thru quick service restaurants are managing in the age of social distancing : click here
> How grocers are managing in the age of social distancing : click here
> How pharmacies are managing in the age of social distancing : click here
> How couriers are managing social distancing in last mile applications : click here

-Unitech understands that we are part of a global community and our social responsibility towards our partners and customers is paramount. Unitech, like many other businesses around the world, have taken many steps to minimise the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic in our day to day working operations.
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