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At ScanSource we're committed to helping our customers to grow their business and thrive in these unusual times.
We've put together a list of of specially selected ISV & IHV partners below who can offer expertise and field specialization to help you find the right solutions for your customers.

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Zebra has recently launched a new solution which is Zebra owned called Motion Works. This is an application that can run on Zebra Mobile devices to help social distancing and contact tracing using location services. find out more

Extreme Networks have multiple software solutions for social distancing as well using locating through the use of Wireless access points and the connected devices. find out more

SmartProximity by Phi Data NV is the digital solution for safety distancing in the workplace. It is a new Smart Edge solution that makes it easier for colleagues to maintain the necessary distance and carry out work safely and comfortably.
> SmartProximity - Safety distancing with or without reporting and with return on investment : find out more 

Honeywell's ISV & IHV community are offering the following solutions : 
> ADAM - Active Alert Distance and Monitoring from Fast Sensor : find out more
> Employee scanning from Go Canvas : find out more
> Contactless signature from DoForms : find out more

Elo's ISV & IHV community are offering the following solutions :
> NDS - Social safety signage : find out more
> Covid-19 solutions from MedicPad - : find out more

QMATIC are offering the following solution :
> Keeping people connected to services : find out more

Acrovision ltd.
In current times, more than ever we need to be vigilant of fevers or virus’s and in turn the well-being of staff and customers in public areas.
In addition, we need to increase everyone’s confidence in knowing they are entering a safe environment.
Fever or Temperature Screening is seen to be a valid method of achieving this so Acrovision has developed and released the AFS-100 Fever Screening Solution, which meets the ISO 80601-2-59:2017 standards for “Basic Safety and Essential Performance of Screening for Human Febrile Temperature”.
In designing the solution, Acrovision analysed what the market needed and considered what were the important aspects of a Temperature Screening system.
The solution consists of a Thermal Imaging camera and associated software, an ELO Touchscreen PC and a "reference box", which is the important part in assuring the required accuracy tolerances.
Contact us: 
Email address:
Phone Number +447747608587

mTurn is a solution that helps controlling the spread of Covid-19, through which it manage the reservations, turns, appointments, with capacity control, for access to public spaces (swimming pools, sports facilities, leisure, etc.), also the management of common spaces in Communities of Owners (sports courts, community pools , etc.), appointments in clinics, opticians, hairdressers, etc. In this way, the capacity can be controlled in real time and appointments can be optimized.
We manage projects mainly in Spain and France, but can be in other EU countries.
Spanish Website:
French Website:
Contact person: Sergio Irún
Email address:
Phone Number +34 914 903 077

Digital Barriers
Thermal Image heat scanning camera accurate to +/-0.3 degrees, secure live transmission of video and alarms for those people recording elevated temperature. No need to stand still in front of the camera you can keep on the move to prevent Qs building up, so great for large workforces or sports stadium or airports.
Edgevis Mobile - Software App for android devices, from phones to scanners. Allows GPS tracking of individuals, panic buttons to send alerts and live streams video automatically to alarm recieve centers, recording as standard either on all the time or activated manually. A great workforce protection solution to turn your scanners or phones, into bodyworn or dash cam devices.
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Email address:
Phone Number +44 7884260409

Jade Solutions
Sooner or later, we will all end up in situations where the only alternative is getting served face to face. Services must remain available. And visitors, as well as staff, should feel as comfortable as possible during service. This is often harder to achieve today than it was just a couple of months ago. We cannot change this situation. But we can help you adapt.
Email address:
Phone Number +01925295403

Shopping In The Covid-19 Era. Contactless Shopping With MySizeID App For InStore Retail Purchases
By using the MySizeID app on their Datalogic Memor in-store, customers can find their right size in an article of clothing by scanning a QR code or a barcode. Customers can also make a purchase through the MySizeID app completely free of contact.The MySizeID app is a turnkey solution that helps any merchant’s customers choose the appropriate apparel size for that specific brand, based on the shopper’s real measurements. MySize’s innovative technology enables consumers to measure themselves using Datalogic Memor and then be matched with a brand-specific apparel item in their size.
Contact: Andrea Lamotta
Phone Number +44 7741 146 611

Open Safely with Employee & Visitor Access Control
To meet the new challenges COVID-19 and other viruses present in public spaces, TempDefend™ is 22MILES latest innovation. As a component of our suite of Protection as a Service™ solutions 22MILES TempDefend™ thermo-sensing technology leverages a combination of the new Elo thermal camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread. TempDefend is the ideal plug-and-play solution that allows businesses and employers to rebuild consumer/ employee confidence and safety as stay-at-home orders and restrictions ease around the world.
Contact: Tomer Mann