Including RFID technology in your company’s offering can help you drive new and more specialty solutions, but also identify new markets and customers. 
To help you be successful in the RFID world, ScanSource has been building and extending relationships with the leading RFID brands to select the appropriate solutions for your needs. 

How does RFID work, where does RFID work, how can I deliver RFID? 

ScanSource can: 
o Help you understand how RFID works and what the opportunities are
o Assist you in your RFID projects and advise you on the different solutions
o Work with you to produce a proof of concept for your projects
o Provide software support and answer your technical questions

A dedicated ScanSource catalogue to RFID solutions
We're delighted to present you a fantastic range of well-known vendors, plus some dedicated new brands. Think of this a your 'one stop shop' for RFID, an additional opportunity alongside the products and solutions you currently purchsase from ScanSource.