Your main contact with us is your dedicated Account Manager ­– the first point of call for any of your needs. They’ll take your orders and manage your queries to the high standards you require.

But their work doesn’t stop there. They’re extremely knowledgeable, being placed on a programme of continual industry and vendor training from the day they join our team, and the more you work with them, the more you’ll see your Account Manager as a trusted advisor: someone you go to not only for product-related matters but also for commercial insight.

Your Account Manager, together with a Business Development Manager, can help you explore new markets and verticals, find out what the latest industry developments mean for you, and capitalise on the opportunities available to you.

Take your business to the next level: ask an Account Manager or Business Development Manager to call you back.



You need to know that you can get products where they need to be as soon as possible.
Our warehouse, the size of 70 tennis courts, is filled with over 400,000 products, meaning that the product you want is likely to be in stock, and can be shipped the same day. Our 99.9% shipping accuracy rate means you’ll get the product you ordered, and if you need it to be shipped direct to your customers, we’ll drop ship or blind ship it – just let us know where it needs to go.
And to make things even easier for you and your customer, why not use our configuration services to customise the product before it’s shipped?
Find out more about the logistics and support we provide by contacting us.