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What is the need for a site survey?

The value of a professional site survey is often under-appreciated by resellers and end-users when implementing wireless infrastructure projects.

Not performing one can result in costly consequences for both parties. A professionally structured site survey not only tackles issues such as bandwidth, interference, coverage and redundancy but can in real terms save cost in relation to required equipment, cabling considerations and configuration/commissioning. Without a site survey the individual characteristics of the site location are not taken into account and potential problems are overlooked.

Wireless access points/ports have an effective limited range and are very much dependent on using the most appropriate antennae and equipment location. Complex environments such as distribution centres or storage facilities mean that the propagation of radio signals requires careful consideration and testing. Only in the simplest or smallest of installations should you ignore the possibility of a survey. A good survey is an investment, not a cost.

What does a professional survey give me?

All Radio Frequency Site Surveys purchased through ScanSource are tailored to the particular customer's needs, taking into account how the network will be utilised and what level of resilience is required. A survey of a site for use with Voice Over IP (VoiP) technology, for example, would usually require a higher level of available bandwidth than a site utilising barcode scanning/handheld technology (PDAs).

Radio Frequency Site Surveys purchased from ScanSource include a site drawing showing the accurate location for equipment, including digital photography of any Access Points/Ports. A full coverage diagram is also provided. Where 11Mb surveys are carried out a Spectrum Analyser is also included. Surveys will take account of cabling both in terms of Cat5e (max length 90m) from Access Points/Ports to the Communications cabinet or Fibre Optic cabling if over 90 metres. Fibre Optic cabling can also be used to link hub/switches to new Communications CABs to branch off from the existing network. A full equipment list will be provided and will take into account the need for suitable antennae and enclosures to protect Access Points/Ports. As part of any survey, safety issues and a Risk Assessment Statement for the HSE management regarding methods of installing the cabling/equipment and the viability of working on an operational site will be provided.

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