Start your next Configuration project now.

Your resources are valuable. To grow your business, your technical experts must be utilized correctly. That's why successful customers leverage our Configuration Centre (CC). The CC has a highly skilled technical team that provides integration services from IP addressing, software loading and upgrades, firmware downloads, and kitting to complex custom jobs; each one is completed to your specifications. Your product is shipped ready to install. 

The Configuration Services team can help you build total solutions easily and to your expectations. But the most important benefit of partnering with us - the Configuration Services team saves you time and money.

Whether you're looking to add memory to a POS workstation, load application software to a portable data terminal, or custom configure barcode scanning equipment, our Configuration Services team can do it for you.

Select an integration service from our list of Configuration Service Part numbers or complete the Online Request Form to get started with:

  • Hardware and software integration and configuration
  • Third-party or end-user custom configuration
  • The ability for customers to integrate customer-owned product and ScanSource-purchased product
  • Custom image management for customer supplied and/or ScanSource generated images
  • Custom network solutions for customers that need to remotely access and configure product prior to being shipped
  • Full hardware functionality and diagnostic testing
  • BIOS/ Firmware upgrade and system setting configuration
  • Hardware and software script testing
  • Full functionality testing
  • Custom labelling/ asset tagging
  • Custom reporting