Take your presentations to the next level with Prezi

How to captivate crowds ?  How to make sure people remember your presentations ?
You will find many sources on the internet to advise how to make your presentation attractive and memorable for your audience.

The problem with the advice you'll collect is that, while there's really precious information to be taken into account, most start from the assumption you'll use Microsoft Powerpoint to present your content.

Change the game and step away from the traditional slides : have a look at www.prezi.com

While you will have to take a learning curve into account to master the tool (be sure to check the "Learn & Support" link on their homepage), you will quickly find out what benefits you can gain from stepping away from the traditional powerpoint slides.

Dynamic transitions, a big canvas, timed animations and a growing community of passionate users helped this tool get better and more convenient.  Give it a try !