Enhance Functionality with RFID Accessories

Connect RFID systems, enhance functionality, power up and protect equipment with RFID accessories. Grow your RFID system with accessories that promote the best in connectivity, battery life and employee efficiency. Increase return on investment (ROI) of your RFID solution with protective carrying cases and secure mounting kits.  

The experts at ScanSource, Inc. know RFID. Our consultants follow stringent guidelines in selecting the best products to offer to our resellers. We have the latest data to show resellers why the time for businesses to invest in RFID is now. RFID technology, while more expensive, provides a high return on investment because tags can be rewritten 1,000s of times and do not require line of sight for the reader to communicate with a tag – meaning tags can be placed inside of objects where they are not subject to normal wear and tear.

RFID Accessories for Protection, Power and System Connections

Whether you need to use your RFID reader at the point of sale, in a warehouse, intermodal facility or on the road, we carry a selection of RFID accessories that can help you increase efficiency and securely store your device. Supply managed power to all RFID products with ScanSource’s battery selection and increase read rates and performance with advanced RFID antennae.

Our vendors' RFID accessories are compatible with leading RFID brands. Find a selection of:

  • RFID antennas for maximum read performance
  • Battery packs and power cords
  • Cables, connectors and adaptors
  • Durable passive and active RFID tags
  • Mounting kits, brackets and vehicle docks
  • Snap-on RFID reader handles

Our vendors offer indoor and outdoor, industrial and light industrial, solutions for any work environment.