Integrate Wristband Barcode Printers For Added Accuracy

Keep track of patient records with enhanced accuracy and speed.  Minimize chances for human error while keeping caregivers and patient families informed with health updates, allergies and more.  Wristband barcodes enable hospital staff to quickly and accurately collect and manage medical information to ensure patient safety.  

ScanSource, Inc. carries industry-leading wristband printers for the healthcare market. And, to make the most of your purchase, take advantage of our education and installation services.

The Latest Wristband Printing Technologies Protect Patients’ Information

Get the versatility hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics need with a choice of desktop or mobile wristband printers. Durable wristband coating provides an exceptional print quality, while maximizing wristband strength against harsh conditions like soaps and moisture. 

Verify proper patient specifications such as:

  • Medication
  • Surgical procedures
  • Blood type/Blood samples
  • Allergic reactions

These printers can produce wristbands with tamper proof closures and a curl resistant infrastructure, making each patient’s stay easier to manage. Diverse wristband scanning is available for both traditional one-dimensional barcodes as well as the increasing number of two-dimensional barcodes.  Available wristbands comply with all HIPAA regulations.