Portable Document Printers for Mobile and Field Printing

Increase business productivity with ScanSource, Inc.. Empower mobile communication with portable document printers that exhibit consistent print quality and feeding. Vehicle-mount printers available through ScanSource, Inc. enable mobile document printing abilities while on the road.

At ScanSource, Inc., we have a team of experts who are committed to offering unparalleled product quality, educating resellers on next generation technology, training staff on new equipment and more. Give your customers the reliability they need in portable printers. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing as a reseller.

Name Brand Solutions for On-the-Go Printing

ScanSource, Inc. places quality over quantity. That’s why our experienced merchandising team handpicks and approves industry-leading products. Explore our selection of quality printers to experience the ScanSource, Inc. difference.

Implement fast wireless printing with sturdy steel printer frames no matter where your business takes you. Never worry about losing battery life; these portable printers can produce documents while using a vehicle’s 12-volt operating system to run.  Additional portable printing advantages include the following:

  • Ability to set international language character sets
  • Bluetooth connectivity capabilities
  • Sizeable Flash memory storage features
  • Programmable sleep modes that save on power consumption

These printers are ideal for regular mobile use where printing hardware durability and diligent printing quality is necessary.  Find vehicle-mount printers for rugged, mobile use, including construction sites, police cruisers, mobile retail areas, ambulances, other emergency vehicles and more.