POS Software for Integrated Retail Information Management

Small to large businesses can improve the point-of-sale experience for customers and employees with in-a-box software solutions. Manage inventory, pricing, customer information, promotions, suppliers and other POS data for retail, hospitality, restaurant service and more. No matter your desired POS experience (drive-thru, sales floor or over the phone) the right software can help maintain efficient business operations and increase sales.

ScanSource, Inc. understands that your customers need POS system software that can grow with them. Our sales reps can help you create scalable point-of-sale management systems using feature-rich software. As your customers grow their businesses to multiple sites, they can continue to manage POS data and sales from a central location. 

Centralized and Secure POS Data Management

Get powerful inventory and customer profile management features in an easy-to-use software interface. Software options that connect to back office management systems provide retailers with holistic POS data tracking and reporting. Generate detailed sales reports by item, vendor and department to track and manage point-of-sale operations. And, because all of our software meets payment card industry (PCI) data security standards, you can rest assured that your customers’ information is safe and secure.

Install new software to expand functionality or find software upgrades to maintain current systems. Our vendors' POS system software inventory includes products that:

  • Include promotion management tools.
  • Feature integrated accounting applications.
  • Automate inventory re-ordering for sold-out items and recommended purchase orders.