Data Collection Solutions For Mobile Employees

Mobile computers with built-in aggressive scan engines and voice-recognition technology allow employees to travel and move about while collecting data. Easy-to-use interfaces, no-glare screens and large keypads make these computers powerful tools for both manual and automatic data collection.

ScanSource, Inc., your experts in automated data collection, offers resellers a refined inventory of mobile computers featuring the most advanced voice-activated and scanning technology, including RFID readers. Let our sales reps help you discover innovative and affordable mobile computing solutions for your customers. 

Store and Transfer Business-Critical Data in Real-Time

Just because your employees are in the field, it doesn’t mean your data has to be. Mobile computing solutions with fast and reliable wireless connectivity allow for real-time database updates as data is captured in the field, on the sales floor or in the warehouse.

ScanSource, Inc.'s line up of mobile computers includes hand-held, vehicle-mounted and wearable form factors designed to meet mobility needs for almost any vertical, including retail, warehousing, healthcare and logistics. Our vendors' mobile computers feature:

  • Built-in electronic signature capture
  • Rugged weather-proof and disinfectant proof casings
  • Quick swap mounting of in-vehicle computers for more efficient in-vehicle to field transitions
  • 2D and imaging technology for automatic data capture
  • Built-in radio frequency ID readers for accurate up-to-the-minute asset tracking