Quickly Check Symbol Quality with Barcode Verifiers

ScanSource, Inc. offers industry-leading barcode verifiers for advanced scanning identification abilities. Quickly and accurately verify the print quality and readability of barcodes to predict if barcodes will scan on the first pass.

Resellers can explore our vendor partners' wide variety of quality verifiers. Our verifiers are expert-approved by ScanSource, Inc. Solution Consultants, offering high quality identification features including:

  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) method verification
  • Kits for most thermal transfer/direct thermal printer models
  • Data match compatibility

Traditional and ANSI Verifier Technologies

The traditional barcode verifier process is based on a comparison between printed bar widths and a specified bar width within a previously set tolerance. Obstructive spots that make a full view of the scanned barcode can inhibit verification, making a clean and clear verifier area the key to maintaining seamless barcode identification.

New ANSI standards are based on the way actual scanners operate to better predict the ease with which symbols can be scanned. The current evolution of verification technology, ANSI verification addresses all barcoding print quality aspects that may affect the scanning process.