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Retail was already in the midst of a transformation, and this has been accelerated by the recent global pandemic. Retail business leaders around the globe are seeking for solutions to evolve their operations to answer the fast changing demands of their customers while thinking about safety and health.

Retailers are assessing their operations in order to fulfil orders from all the different delivery channels: click & collect, picking up at a specific location or home delivery. 


Click & Collect increases digital conversion

Opportunity to sell an extended product range online

The chance to upsell at point of collection


You can rely on Zebra’s extensive portfolio to create a profitable “Click and Collect” solution for your retail customers:


TC52x Series Touch computers

Handheld DS4600 scanner:

Mobile printer ZQ200 series:

Workforce Connect:

The Ultimate Rugged

Touch Computer With

an Advanced Platform

for Inside the Four


Empower workers with

more mobility for

faster, simpler order

picking. The DS4600

series: with Effortless

deployment - just plug

and play

Perfect balance of

cost, quality, versatility,

durability, 'wearability'

and ease of use

Enterprise class voice,

data and text

messaging connects

the team and enables

them to act efficiently

and effective!