Join the workforce mobility revolution with Zebra for Android

Workplace mobility is a huge and growing market, and Zebra for Android is spearheading the revolution. Zebra has the world’s largest range of enterprise-optimized Android devices, boosting efficiency, security, productivity and accuracy for customers in a whole range of flourishing markets.

Why Android?
Android is a mobility phenomenon, familiar to billions, the operating system powering 80% of consumer handhelds worldwide. Now Android’s enterprise security and management promise has come of age. Injected with Zebra’s powerful Mobility Extensions (Mx) and Mobility DNA solutions, the world’s pre-eminent consumer OS is fast becoming indispensable to efficiency and productivity for many thousands of larger business customers.

But the good news is that we can help you be prepared to make decisions that will ensure a smooth transition in the most cost-efficient manner. Contact your ScanSource sales rep to discuss the best options for your customers to stay ahead of the game. View our additional resources on the OS Migration below or see Zebra’s website for more information.