The CT60 from Honeywell, now available with Mobility Edge

  • Mobility Edge supports 4 Android Operating Systems, starting with 7.1.1. Windows users also have easy migration without effort.
  • Android™ 7.1.1 Operating System provides you a with simple but effective software to work with.
  • Connectivity : WVAN with LTE Advanced System, WLAN and Bluetooth
  • Advanced 2D imager : improved data capture on linear and 2D barcodes
  • Complete repair services : with Honeywell’s 5-year complete and comprehensive repair services plan, one contract covers it all – device, power management and accessories

-70% OFF YOUR 1st UNIT

The 25th demo unit bought wins Marshall headphones and the 50th demo unit bought wins a Go Pro camera


The long lifecycle solutions!

First device to come with Mobility Edge, a unique proposition that will :

  • Extend lifecycle : Supports 4 generations of Android from N to Q
  • Accelerate deployments Develops your software once and deploys to many
  • Optimize performance Packed with the latest tools