Honeywell helps your customers move from Windows to Android

The latest mobile computer from Honeywell is the right solution to your business. Built with Mobility Edge Technology, it’s an advanced data capture unit in a rugged device with a modern design, combined with touch-screen and keyboard.

  • Built with Mobility Edge Technology
  • Touch-screen and keyboard (QWERTY and Numeric)
  • Rugged and able to be handled even in severe environments
  • Modern design and comfortable for the user
  • 1D/2D scanning/data capture options with read ranges that go from 0.15m to 15.2m

Upgrade your Windows installed base to Android with Honeywell’s leading Mobility Edge product family and application tools.

Windows is end of service in 2020, so make sure you win the Android opportunities by talking to your customers about Mobility Edge today!




70% off on your 1st unit