Harness the power of connected with the new Dolphin CK65 

The rugged Dolphin CK65 Mobile Computer takes the best and makes it even better. The successor of the CK75 and best-selling CK3X/R range is available with the Mobility EdgeTM Platform and offers extended life cycle across AndroidTM R. Plus, the CK65 offers extended an extended battery life of over 18 hours.

  • Introducing you to the successor of the industry leading CK3X & CK3R
  • Built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform – enabling accelerated provision, certification and deployment
  • Fully-Compatible with all your existing CK3X/R accessories
  • Including a Free upgrade to AndroidTM R  
  • One common hardware and software platform facilitates integrated, repeatable and scalable approach
  • Validated by Android Enterprise Recommended
  • Strengthens security, reliability and performance
  • Long life, swappable battery lasts over 18 hours

The Dolphin CK65 is rated to IP64, is capable of withstanding a 2.4m/8ft drop to concrete and can be operated using glove, finger or stylus, making it ideal for warehouse, manufacturing or other challenging environments. 

Validated by AndroidTM Enterprise Recommended, the Dolphin CK65 Mobile Computer unleashes enterprise from today’s constraints around integration and inflexible tech, without sacrificing security, reliability, performance or management features.

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