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  • eda60k_02_large


    ScanSource Europe
    View List of SKUs Download Datasheet The ScanPal™ EDA60K mobile computer is Honeywell’s new light industry handheld device featuring a highly adaptable design. From the Android™ operating system and dual-band Wi-Fi connection to robust storage capabilities and advanced data more
  • 18052410524240_formfactor03-dolphinct40

    Dolphin CT40

    ScanSource Europe
    Today’s enterprises need mobile devices that can help them deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across channels to their customers. Ideally, they want a single device that can handle it all – from order picking at the distribution center to in-store merchandising and more
  • tollkit

    FMD - Falsified Medicines Directive

    ScanSource Europe
    Be Prepared For The upcoming EU's Falsified Medicine Directive with Honeywell and ScanSource  The NEW FMD will enter into effect on February 9 2019 to fight falsified medicine across Europe. This new directive will force all players of the pharmaceutical industry to upgrade their hardware more
  • Printing solution

    ScanSource Europe
    ZSim2printer emulator is now implemented on most printers Zsim2 delivers a series of advantages: Printers are easier to install and setup Greatly enhanced ZPL II compatibility Check the Datasheet HERE more
  • hon-eda70

    The ScanPal EDA70

    ScanSource Europe
    The tablet for your business - The 7” HD screen is the perfect size for a daily use, and has good mobility skills  - Android 7.1.1 with GMS provides you with smooth multi-tasking possibilities  - The latest connectivity ensures the high performance of mobile applications& more
  • 8680i_1

    8680i wearable

    ScanSource Europe
      Ergonomic Wearable for workflow efficiency; Wireless or Bluetooth connected to your system;  Battery that lasts an entire shift The Honeywell 8680i Wearable Mini more
  • cn80---hon

    Discover the new Dolphin CN80

    ScanSource Europe
    The latest mobile computer from Honeywell is the right solution to your business. Built with Mobility Edge Technology, it’s an advanced data capture unit in a rugged device with a modern design, combined with touch-screen and keyboard. Built with Mobility Edge Technology more
  • prod_mcomp_mobility-edge_wbn_en_eu_1600x600

    Mobility Edge

    ScanSource Europe
    Mobility Edge is more than a product It is the platform that will enable you to overcome business complexity for the years to come and across multiple application points. In essence, Mobility Edge is a unique chipset solution, born from the partnership between Google, Qualcomm and Honeywell. more
  • rp-series-hon

    RP Series

    ScanSource Europe
    Ultra-rugged design built to resist frequent drops in harsh environments The RP Series will feed you analytics such as battery age, print-head condition and much more, to help you to save time with your fleet management Hot swappable batteries ensure no productivity loss during more
  • ct60

    Discover the CT60 and Mobility Edge

    ScanSource Europe
    Mobility Edge supports 4 Android Operating Systems, starting with 7.1.1. Windows users also have easy migration without effort. Android™ 7.1.1 Operating System provides you a with simple but effective software to work with. Connectivity : WVAN with LTE Advanced System, WLAN and more