You already have an application for your end-user, then SOTI will help you to deployed and maintain it easily through your end-user devices.

Top 4 reason to buy SoTI for Datalogic:

  1. REMOTE CONTROL – Utilise on any of the Datalogic Android or Windows Legacy devices to identify and resolve issues whilst the device remains in service, reducing downtime and associated costs with returning devices unnecessarily


  2. APPLICATION & FEATURE BLACKLISTING – Utilise on, for example, the Scorpio X4 for warehousing. Restrict the applications down to only those needed to improve employee productivity. Another example would be utilising the feature control on the Joya Touch A6 Healthcare, to prevent access of the camera or cut, copy, paste when Doctors and nurses are dealing with patients, preventing the data leak of patient records.


  3. LOCKDOWN – Utilise on, for example, the Joya Touch for personal shopping applications. Have a fully branded, customised screen with the relevant application, so the customer experience is enriched


  4. PACKAGE DEPLOYMENT – Utilise on, for example, the Joya Touch A6 for stock taking in a retail or transport & logistics environment. The company has a dedicated application for this purpose, push it down to all the devices, install it, and auto run without any user interaction. Additionally, can be used to update the app or send data files down.

What PN should I use? For all Datalogic terminal, the PN is ZSSOTIMCSDEV

(SaaS subscription locally hosted by the customer (on premise). Includes standard support. Per device/year. Currently available from Datalogic/SOTI authorized distributors only.)