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  • datalogic-tool-euro

    Active Price list

    ScanSource Europe
    ‘Here is a very useful tool that you can download for free on your PC! It will give you rapid access to all Datalogic products, part numbers, Datasheets, Sales Presentations… You can up-date the tool from time to time to all data available off-line. This can save you a lot a precious t...read more
  • soti-sml

    SOTI for Datalogic

    ScanSource Europe
    You already have an application for your end-user, then SOTI will help you to deployed and maintain it easily through your end-user devices. Top 4 reason to buy SoTI for Datalogic: REMOTE CONTROL – Utilise on any of the Datalogic Android or Windows Legacy devices to identify and resolve ...read more
  • datalogic-tool-cogs

    Mobility Configuration Tool

    ScanSource Europe
    Quickly find the right device for your customers’ needs! Click on the image linked to your application:’ Manufactering Retail Healthcare Transport & Logistics    ...read more
  • datalogic-tools-catalogue-icon

    Datalogic e-catalogue

    ScanSource Europe
    This catalog contains Datalogic brands of top selling product models and accessories across the major product lines. Information includes part numbers and descriptions of specific items available through our sales channel of distributors and resellers worldwide. Please note that items in this cat...read more