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  • soti-sml

    SOTI for Datalogic

    ScanSource Europe
    You already have an application for your end-user, then SOTI will help you to deployed and maintain it easily through your end-user devices. Top 4 reason to buy SoTI for Datalogic: REMOTE CONTROL – Utilise on any of the Datalogic Android or Windows Legacy devices to identify and resolve ...read more
  • datalogic-tool-euro

    Active Price list

    ScanSource Europe
    Here is a very useful tool that you can download for free on your PC! It will give you rapid access to all Datalogic products, part numbers, Datasheets, Sales Presentations… You can up-date the tool from time to time to all data available off-line. This can save you a lot a precious time whi...read more
  • datalogic-tool-cogs

    Mobility Configuration Tool

    ScanSource Europe
    Quickly find the right device for your customers’ needs! Click on the image linked to your application: Manufactering Retail Healthcare Transport & Logistics    ...read more
  • datalogic_wireless_333x333

    Wireless Charging

    ScanSource Europe
    Wireless charging technology is relatively new in our industry and you might want to know what it can bring you as a value for your offering? 1-More reliable solution: Your devices battery will always load correctly even in a dirty cradle. Yo...read more