Spend less than 5 minutes of your time and get an extra 50 points with the code “SCSC-BC” 
Registration is free! You can then claim points against the Datalogic products you will buy through ScanSource.

Need help? Check out our Loyalty League leaflet or call your account manager.

You or Your Employee are eligible to register for the program to quickly start earning points or gift.

Participation in the Loyalty League program is open to anyone who re-sells Datalogic products.

The program has unique features including :

  • DreamZone: You can check easily your point balance which show you how close you are to reaching your pre-set goal.
  • Accelerators: Promotional features can multiply the value of your points, making it faster and easier to collect rewards.
  • For more information and program qualification guidelines, contact your local ScanSource Registration is easy and can be accomplished at www.datalogic-loyalty-league.com.