ScanSource’s Technical Support teams provide you reliable and knowledgeable support for the products that you buy from us – and this support is free-of-charge for our customers. You and your network of customers can rely, as little or as much as you need, on our expertise in the areas of voice, video and data communications to make sure you find the most appropriate solution to meet any of those customers’ specific requirements. And we can provide that support remotely where needed.

Our support specialists are certified by our vendors and other external companies – in fact, from the day that they’re employed, every member of our technical team is placed on a programme of continual training, all so their expertise exceeds the levels you expect.

We’ve built tools to assist you in the design and configuration of your project making this stage of your projects easy and efficient.

If you’ve got a technical query, fill in our Technical Support request form and make sure you’re getting the technical support you need.

Looking for post-sales support?
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