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Your resources are valuable. To grow your business, your technical experts must be utilized correctly. That's why successful customers leverage our Configuration Centre (CC). The CC has a highly skilled technical team that provides integration services from IP addressing, software loading and upgrades, firmware downloads, and kitting to complex custom jobs; each one is completed to your specifications. Your product is shipped ready to install.

The Configuration Services team can help you build total solutions easily and to your expectations. But the most important benefit of partnering with us - the Configuration Services team saves you time and money.

Our Configuration Services team can assemble total communication systems for you. The complete solution is ready to ship to you or even to be drop-shipped directly to your customer.

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  • IP phone provisioning
  • Gateway programming
  • Business Partner remote router, switch and gateway programming
  • Server hardware and software integration and configuration
  • Third-party software installation and configuration
  • Full hardware functionality and diagnostic BIOS/ Firmware upgrade and system setting configuration
  • Network registration and configuration
  • Hardware/Software burn-in
  • Hardware and Software "Test - Script" testing
  • Custom labelling/ Asset Tagging
  • Custom unit reporting
  • Custom packaging