Communicate with employees, customers and visitors.  Don’t wait for them to find your website, put your message in front of them.

PixelPipe Signage, exclusively available from ScanSource, is the easy way to manage content and direct it to your screens.  If you can use Netflix, you can use PixelPipe Signage!

Based in the cloud, PixelPipe Signage allows customers to control their signage screens from a single point, accessed securely through a web browser quickly and simply.

If you don’t have your own content, PixelPipe Signage provides access to a library of thousands of ready-made and customisable templates.  Created to professional-grade standards and customisable in minutes – Content is king and PixelPipe Signage can give you the power.

To provide a complete solution, speak to your ScanSource Account Manager today to explore how we can help you with screens, innovative mounting ideas and installation.