Brand introduction:

Pioneer POS Solution Inc. (DBA Pioneer Solution Inc.), founded in 1994, is headquartered in California, with offices in Asia. PioneerINC focusses on designing and supplying integrated/embedded touch screen solutions for various vertical markets such as hospitality, retail, gaming, manufacturing, labour management, healthcare, and kiosk. PioneerINC understands that these markets are different than the consumer market. Hence their products are designed to have a longer shelf-life (a minimum of 3 years) and service-ability (a minimum of 5 years).

Key advantages of working with PioneerINC: 

  1. Parts availability for service
    When Pioneer designs their products, they make sure that the components used will be available at least 5 years from the product release date.
  2. Private branding
    Pioneer's flexible design allows for private branding (customized logo) to promote your company.
  3. Application Pre-loading
    Pioneer can pre-load your application image before shipping to you.