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  • Nordic ID Accessories

    Nordic ID Accessories

    Nordic ID Accessories

    Nordic ID Accessories

    Nordic ID AR Series

    The Nordic ID AR products can be used for real-time item-level inventory and detecting location and movement. They provide a RFID fixed reader platform for various physical environments, with versati

  • Nordic ID Batteries

    Nordic ID Batteries

    Nordic ID Carry and Protect Accessories

    Nordic ID Carry and Protect Accessories

    Nordic ID Chargers

    Various chargers for Nordic ID products

  • Nordic ID Easy Service

    When your Nordic ID device needs repair, always use only the Nordic ID Service or the authorized service partners. We want to make sure that your Nordic ID product serves you the best possible way, a

    Nordic ID EXA Series

    Use your own smart device in combination with the Nordic ID EXA for accurate and powerful UHF RFID performance on your reader. Enjoy the perks of heavy duty data collection with your own device.

    Nordic ID HH Series

    Nordic ID HH53 is an all-in-one RAIN RFID handheld reader equipped with Android operating system. The touch screen and familiar Android user interface offers an ease-of-use experience as well as supp

  • Nordic ID Medea series

    Nordic ID Medea is an ideal contemporary data collection tool for barcode-only reading, short-range UHF RFID reading or heavy-duty UHF RFID inventory. The mobile computer is equipped with a larg

    Nordic ID Merlin series

    Nordic ID Merlin provides an efficient solution for times when a robust and multi-functional mobile barcode, HF or UHF RFID reader is required. The physical keyboard on the mobile computer eases use

    Nordic ID Morphic Series

    Nordic ID Morphic is the most compact mobile computer in Nordic ID's product portfolio. It is easy to carry along and convenient to use due to its small size and intuitive yet simple keyboard layout.