After 135 years in the business and well over a million point-of-sale (POS) devices installed globally, NCR is committed to designing, manufacturing and testing to the unique demands of the retail market. Their POS devices are not general purpose office PCs that have been repackaged or customized for retail. NCR’s solutions are purpose-built specifically for retail store environments. NCR methodically determines what features and capabilities are important to meet the varied needs of retailers, and we design, build and test our terminals to meet or exceed these unique requirements.

Designed and tested for retail environments
Many POS devices are based on PC designs that are not able to survive common retail hazards making them more susceptible to failure and giving the customer a shorter production life cycle. Their philosophy focuses on quality and reliability, but does not stop there. A true "purpose-built" POS device has many other important characteristics. This document highlights a few of the areas NCR feels are crucial to a customer’s decision-making process when selecting a new point-of-sale device.

Material selection
Often their competitive analysis and testing indicates that some suppliers’ terminals are designed with plastic, light sheet metal, and hinges that are not intended for a retailer’s use case. A common example is weak stands that do not create a stable platform for touchscreen usage. NCR insists on heavier gauge metal parts and plastic parts resistant to impact, fire and ultra-violet (UV) light. Plus, whenever possible, durable die-cast aluminum is incorporated into our chassis design. PCs and many POS device suppliers leverage the lowest cost components available at the time of production and change the technology often to take advantage of commodity market trends. Their choice of materials differentiates NCR terminals from most other suppliers.

NCR is committed to designing the highest quality and the most innovative point of sale devices. Their products are designed from the ground up to be robust and provide many years of service to their customers allowing them to focus on their business and get the most out of their technology investment.