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  • Ergonomic Solutions A-Frame

    The OpenSpace A-Frame is a universal aluminium tablet enclosure that works with our range of desktop and counter mounting poles to create a versatile tablet solution, suited for a wide range of envir

    Ergonomic Solutions Ceiling Mounts

    The ceiling mounts offer an ideal solution for retail applications, entertainment and sport venues, clubs and mass transport facilities such as airports. The ceiling mounts are specifically designed

    Ergonomic Solutions C-Frame

    C-Frame is a stylish universal tablet enclosure and stand for 10” tablets that is available in a range of funky colours to compliment your retail environment. Designed to be used as a counter-top or

  • Ergonomic Solutions Display Mounts

    The SpacePole Essentials range from Ergonomic Solutions are innovative, ergonomically designed mounting solutions that includes the original classic pole and display mount adapters for a attaching VE

    Ergonomic Solutions Dock & Charge

    Dock & Charge is a unique tablet enclosure solution that provides a solid and secure tablet enclosure for the latest Apple and Samsung tablets that docks onto a magnetic pole base. This offers unpara

    Ergonomic Solutions i-Frame

    i-Frame is a hard wearing, yet light and stylish enclosure case designed for Apple iPad. It enables the iPad to be mounted onto a variety of existing poles and stands while also offering restricted a

  • Ergonomic Solutions K-Frame

    K-Frame is a tablet enclosure and stand for using tablets publicly in a kiosk style environment. Offering the ultimate in protection and security from theft or damage, K-Frame utilises Kensington loc

    Ergonomic Solutions Locking Cables

    ClickSafe security tethers are available in both curly and straight cable formats. Both comply with all PCI physical security requirements and have been specifically engineered to protect your paymen

    Ergonomic Solutions Payment Plates

    SpacePole DuraTilt is the flagship payment mounting solution, offering secure, protected and PCI compliant solutions for chip and pin machines and payment terminals across all manufacturers. Payment

  • Ergonomic Solutions Payment Poles

    SpacePole Payment solutions comply with all of the latest PCI requirements, including the latest 9.9 directive in terms of physical security. DuraTilt™, Light, Low Profile and MultiGrip™ provide flex

    Ergonomic Solutions Printer Plates

    SpacePole Essentials were created to work with your existing hardware or furniture by offering robust ergonomically designed mounting options that are built to last. We overcome the challenges of int

    Ergonomic Solutions S-Frame

    S-Frame is a secure and robust tablet enclosure designed for public use that supports a wide range of existing SpacePole stands and mounting solutions. It incorporates a Kensington lock on either th