Aegex Technologies is creating mobility solutions that enhance enterprise efficiency and productivity in the world’s most hazardous industries. At the same time, they are saving lives by providing trusted technology that is safe to use in the most volatile of industrial environments.

Your business can be part of these efforts by becoming an Aegex Partner.

As an approved Aegex Reseller, you have access to Aegex information and marketing materials in their online portal. The program delivers benefits such as:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Product roadmap updates
  • Product Training
  • Joint sales call support
  • Access to Market Development Resources (Including up to 2% market development funding)
  • Leads referrals from Aegex
  • Other resources / incentives that may be developed

Based on compliance requirements associated with the Intrinsically Safe rating of the Aegex devices and the unique reporting / tracking requirements established by the certifying bodies, every reseller who wants to purchase Aegex products will need to register on the below website:
Please write “ScanSource Europe” in the “How did you learn about Aegex” box.